KANISAIFA represents a new language that includes a sense of connection to all things, a connection with original life forces, and all participants within this project are on that path. Knowingly or unknowingly it also relates to every person.
As a music organisation KANISAIFA offers a beautiful opportunity for all people to listen into the sounds of this language, perhaps with eyes closed, and step beyond the boundaries of everyday mechanical routine life to find yourself part of a something greater. This post-national language is more than ordinary speech, more than any everyday language, and can be understood by all who have ears to listen. KANISAIFA has flowered through Nils Iles music studio’s creative atmosphere and transformed from being the group Afroambient (Latvia’s first ethno-percussion group active from 2001) - now extending its creative wings to become the association Kanisaifa.

KANISAIFA is a name that appeared in a dream…

In the dream it was a sunny day with a bright sky. I stood at the edge of a deep quarry. There were no trees, no bushes, no plants, only sand. I was in the company of men dressed in white hooded capes whose faces were hidden behind their hoods. They were looking in the opposite direction where two pyramid shaped hills stood close to one another. These men spoke to each other in a language unknown to me.

The word I heard most often was KANISAIFA. When they mentioned KANISAIFA they would point to one and then to the other hill, back and forth. I sensed that this word KANISAIFA meant something large, powerful and impressive. This resounding word, KANISAIFA, really spoke to me so that upon waking from the dream I immediately wrote it down.