While in this musical journey Kanisaifa is presenting their newborn album “Atdzīvinot vēju” (“Reviving the Wind”), also they are representing a new language that includes a sense of connection to all things, a connection with original life forces. Knowingly or unknowingly it also relates to every person.

 As a music organisation KANISAIFA offers a beautiful opportunity for all people to listen into the sounds of this language, perhaps with eyes closed, and step beyond the boundaries of everyday mechanical routine life to find yourself as a part of a something greater. This post-national language is more than ordinary speech, more than any everyday language, and can be understood by all who have ears to listen. This is an invitation to a musical journey across all our dear world, creating a space where the traditional and healing African, Australian, American, Asian and European sound merges with local original Latvian vibrations. 

KANISAIFA has flowered through Nils Iles music studio’s creative atmosphere and transformed from being the group Afroambient (Latvia’s first ethno-percussion group active since 2001) - now extending its creative wings to become the association Kanisaifa.

Nils Īle: creative father, percussion master;
Agnese Uzule: vocal, wind instruments, percussions;
Maija Sējāne-Īle: vocal, jew's harp, percussions;
Einārs Latiševs: djembe virtuosso, master of electronics;
Alvis Zembergs: didgeridoo, percussions;
Jānis Tumpelis: guitar;
Roberts Brants: bassguitar;
Edgars Jansons: percussions.
Fabiass Nils Īle: percussions, metallophone

Special guest: Hamidreza Rahbaralam

Sound director: Aivars Vaišļa